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2011-12 Budget Instructions

Appendix A 2011-12 Unclassified Salary Minima and Category A Salary Ranges Feb 19, 2011
Appendix B Budget Advisories and Errors Jan 30, 2002
Appendix C Numeric Fund Codes Feb 19, 2011
  •  Link to UW-System Financial Administration's Fund Codes and Descriptions for FY11 plus previous years  
Appendix D Activity and Subactivity Codes and Definitions
  •  Link to UW System Financial Administration's Program and Sub-Program Codes and Definitions  
Appendix E University of Wisconsin System Campus Codes and UDDS Codes Jan 7, 2009
Appendix F UW-Madison Unclassified Title Guideline - 10th Edition Jan 14, 2010
(Prepared by the Academic Personnel Office)  
Appendix G Budget Programs and Commands (Not published in FY11) ---
Appendix H 2011-12 UW-Madison Budget Submission Checklist March 31, 2011


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